Peales Peregrines -  Gallery # 1

Growing up near Seattle, Washington; USA and experiencing the cold rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest, a deep appreciation was held for the large Peales peregrine. These large, beautiful, waterproof peregrines are breathtaking to see and to any hunter, they are a real to pleasure to own. If you love peregrines (Shaheens) these are the ones to have.

In the beginning, we selected only the best of the Peales stock to be used as founders for our breeding program. We researched all the background information to the original stock taken from the wild to make sure we acquired only pure stock. We are leading producers of the purest Peales Falcons found in any of the falcon farms. These Peales are in high demand by falconers and breeders through out the World.

Sullivan Mews can provide you with only the very best to experience. They are good-natured in temperament, have great flight abilities, and are aggressive hunters.

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Aleutian Peales

Breeding Stock

Peales Peregrine

Breeding Stock

Female Peales

Breeding Stock