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Established in 1988, Sullivan Mews was originally conceived due to my own personal bad experiences trying to purchase good falcons from other breeders. In the past, when I tried to buy good falcons with my hard-earned money,  what I received were poor quality birds with bad manners. I can relate to your bad experiences and to this day, I still hear about bad stories and poor experiences.

Sullivan Mews does not want you have a bad experience and we go out of our way to insure this. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and being true to client. We give you only the facts about the bird you are purchasing. Sullivan Mews has many repeat buyers who continue to purchase from us year after year. The reason being not only have they received a very successful hunting and/or breeding falcon, but because they have received what we say we offer and describe.

From Sullivan Mews:

  "... If you order black you will get a black one, not a gray one! ..."

We feel that we are breeding some of the finest falcons available and invite you to explore our website. Early each year we plan on the types of falcons we will be producing to insure that the right types of falcons are available to our clients.

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"White Gold"

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