Hybrids -  Gallery # 1

This magnificent cross of the pure Gyrfalcon and Peregrine (Shaheen) make up one of the best falcons to hunt with on the prairies of America or the deserts of the Middle East. These best-combined qualities of the two falcons (Gyrfalcon x Shaheen) make a superior hunting falcon. They handle the wind, temperature extremes, and hunt and kill large game like Houbara and Grouse.

We do not make Gyrfalcon x Saker, Gyrfalcon x Prairie, Gyrfalcon x Merlin, or Peregrine x Prairies.
Our motto is: "If we do not want to fly it then we do not want to breed or it!"

Sullivan Hybrids (Gyrfalcon x Peregrines) are known for their size and hunting abilities. We produce them in a wide range of colors and shapes for the falconer. We have found that by crossing different matches of certain gyrfalcons to peregrines we can produce larger sizes and many different colors. When we find that right mixture, we can breed that same mix year after year to get falcons that come out looking and flying much like the previous years.

Sullivan Mews hybrids are some of the best sport falcons that are found on the market today.

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Big Black Female Hybrid

Gyr x Peales
 Male Hybrid

Dark Gyr x Macropus