Gyrfalcons -  Gallery # 1

Sullivan Mews gyrfalcon stock are now the blackest and whitest, out-crossed, pure Gyrfalcons found anywhere. Instead of using the inbreeding method most farms are currently using in the US and Canada to achieve super black and super white colored birds, we have decided to take a slower approach. We feel that this intense inbreeding causes loss in size, and as with line breeding, there has to be a very careful selection method.

We are breeding our Gyrfalcons for large size, good builds, color, and hunting abilities. To achieve these super colors, we are continuing to out-cross blood lines instead. Our breeding techniques continue to produce progeny that retain large size and robust performance.

With this said we at Sullivan Mews do not want to sacrifice the size and/or performance of this magnificent falcon. We do not want to sell a cull that is made from inbreeding

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Black Gyrfalcon Stock
Some of the Black stock.

White Gyrfalcon Stock
A few examples of
white Gyr stock.


Other Gyrfalcon Stock
Misc. Gyrfalcons.

"Barry White"
Some of the lighter stock.


Grey Male Gyrfalcon