South Pacific Peregrines (Fiji) and Australian Peregrines (Macropus):

 These beautiful medium sized Peregrines have been a personal project to maintain as much as possible a small colony of these little gems.

Sullivan Mews is the only place in the World breeding these wonderful Falcons. Their feet and beaks are massive for their size and are adapted for killing large game. We also make Gyrfalcon Hybrids from these types. These smaller Hybrid females have done very well in the Middle East and the males are in high demand in the US.

 The pictures will show you how wonderfully colored they are but just owning one will convince you how well natured they are. For bird control, these colorful Peregrines are ideal for staying on wing for longer periods. They are heat tolerant and their tameness make them an ideal choice for your bird abatement program.

We have been working with Kula Eco Park in Fiji consulting and supporting them with their continued effort to breed and the eventual release of the Fiji Peregrines back to the wild. The population in Fiji has taken a steep decline for the last decade. For information about their program, see their web site in our links section.

Sullivan Mews believes that giving back to a cause like this is part of the big picture. During the releases of Peregrine back in the wild here in the US we helped and provided Anatum Peregrines for release.

Click picture for close up vieww

Fijian Peregrine

Anatum x Fiji Hybrid

Dark Gyr x Macropus