Sullivan Mews - Consulting Services

Sullivan Mews is now offering consulting services for all phases of falcon breeding. We can provide the following services:

  • Working with the client composing a realistic plan to achieve the client’s short term and/or long term goals.

  •  Selection of breeding stock with knowledge of falcons around the world.

  • Management of the breeding stock with experience in both parent reared (pairs) and imprints.

  • Proper rearing of all the young for placement for hunting, release, or future breeding.

  • Provide knowledge and insight of dietary requirements for maximum production.

  • Design, develop a materials list, and set up of facilities based  on a professional background in construction and successful management of a productive breeding farm.  Focus and attention is specific to breeding efficiency in conjunction with a  stress-free environment.

  • Training for the client and/or their employees to be able manage the farm/facility in an accelerated time frame.

  • Continual technical support for the client.

  • Knowledge of hacking and training services also included.

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