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"Custom Painted Tear Drop"

Custom "Hand-Painted" hoods available. e-mail for details.

Introductory Pricing on complete Hood Block sets.

New Millennium Hoods - by Ron Rollins

What I have to offer is a first in American Falconry! When you buy a New Millennium Hood of
any style, you can buy the block that it is made on! Well made hoods can last you
many, many years if taken care of properly. Proper hood fit is facilitated with proper hood
maintenance and storage. Having blocks for your hoods achieves this. My blocks are cast with a
high-density plastic resin, and placed in a vacuum chamber to produce a solid mass that produces
a perfectly symmetrical end result.

Here is an opportunity for everyone to take better care of their investments by having multiple
blocks for re-shaping and storing their hood collection.


The "Plain-Brown Wrapper";;;

My version of a Rufter style hood.. It is made of all natural, un-dyed, 3.5 oz. tooling calf imported from England. This leather is some of the finest I have seen in 20 years! As these hoods “age” the finish turns to a brown 'patina'. All of my hoods come with either Arabic or Dutch style braces made from a synthetic fabric (very similar to Gortex). I personally like this fabric better that Gortex because it is more like leather and they DO NOT come loose (even over time). It is a hood that can be used for years if you learn how to take care of them. I've personally used one on my falcon “Cobra” for the past 5 years!
Price $100.00 w/o block

  Price $150.00 with block

"Plain-Brown Wrapper"

The "Black Arabic Wrapper"

his hood uses the same pattern as the "Plain-Brown Wrapper" hood above but dyed black and coated with clear glossy finish.
The hood only comes with Arabic style braces.
Price $125.00 w/o block

  Price $175.00 with block

Image coming soon!

The "Cosmic Glow"

The creation of the "Cosmic Glow" hood was inspired by the naturally occurring  patterns found in nature. These natural patterns can be found in the lizard skins I use on my hoods. The design of my "Cosmic Glow" hood is created by the contrast of color and pattern found in the skins. I only see this particular pattern in 1 out of every 12 hides I that I use throughout the year. I am only able to produce 4 or 5 hoods out of one skin. In addition to the different patterns, I also vary the color so each hood produced is truly unique, ... with no two alike. The colors I use on these hoods are: Red, Blue, Green, .....
Price $200.00 w/o block


  Price $250.00 with block


"Cosmic Glow" image

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