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"Custom Painted Tear Drop"


Custom "Hand-Painted" hoods available. e-mail for details.

Introductory Pricing on complete Hood Block sets.
New Millennium Hood Blocks - by Ron Rollins

The "New Millennium" hood block set

I am pleased to introduce my latest "New Millennium" hood block set. These beautiful black blocks are made from pure casting resin. Each block is cast from my original, highly refined, perfectly symmetrical, master mold.

Once the resin sets for a short period of time, the newly cast block goes into a vacuum chamber to insure a perfect cast with no air bubbles. I have perfected this casting technique over my 35 years of producing falcon hoods and hood blocks. Each block set sold comes with a complete set of hood patters for each size block. The New Millennium hood block set comes with 20 blocks ranging in size from 47-66 mm. Please refer the following hood sizing chart for general hood size guidelines. Sizes may vary based on individual bird characteristics.

 ** All of the block sets are hand polished and waxed to an "ultra-fine" finish. Additionally, each set comes with two patterns for each block size.


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